ISEE 2018 Awards

John Goldsmith Award

For Outstanding Contributions to Environmental Epidemiology

2018 Winner: Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, PhD, ISGlobal, Spain

Tony McMichael Award

This award was created in Dr Tony McMichael’s memory to recognize mid-career scientists

2018 Winner: Remy Slama, PhD, Inserm, france

Rebecca James baker Award

This award was created in memory of Dr. Rebecca Baker, a young investigator with a commitment to environmental epidemiology as a tool for improving public health and quality of life.

2018 Winner: Haneen Khreis, PhD, MSc Texas A&M Transportation Institute, U.S.A.

Best Environmental Epidemiology Paper Award

This ISEE annual award for the best environmental epidemiology paper published in a peer-reviewed journal aims to recognize excellence in the field of environmental epidemiology and encourage the publication of outstanding papers.

2018 Award Winner

A cleaner burning biomass-fuelled cookstove intervention to prevent pneumonia in children under 5 years old in rural Malawi (the Cooking and Pneumonia Study): a cluster randomised controlled trial

Kevin Mortimer, Chifundo B Ndamala, Andrew W Naunje, Jullita Malava, Cynthia Katundu, William Weston, Deborah Havens, Daniel Pope, Nigel G Bruce, Moff at Nyirenda, Duolao Wang, Amelia Crampin, Jonathan Grigg, John Balmes, Stephen B Gordon